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Productos únicos y especiales
Made in Spain
Pensamos que lo más importante en una empresa son LAS PERSONAS
por ello es importante cuidar de todas ellas y que las condiciones laborales sean las mejores posibles, basándose en el respeto, la igualdad, la honestidad y el reconocimiento del trabajo que se realiza cada día.
Hogares para vivirlos
Decoración sostenible
Colaboramos con nuestra sociedad

How did the project start?

"HomebyFama is the online store that offers all the decoration accessories from Fama Sofas”.

Being on the other side (as customers), we found that when looking for decoration accessories, we often did not find the items that we actually wanted or could afford for our home.

There are many online decoration stores, but we usually find the same products in most of them: low-priced items imported from the Far East with similar designs and usually the quality is not very good.

Every time we try to find a more special decoration accessory, the items on offer are mainly “design” products at very expensive prices.

All these reasons led us to create a brand of decoration accessories in order to offer original and unique designs that cannot be found in any other store. In addition, we always support and promote Spanish manufacturing and offer the best value for money.

Products with soul

With our products, we look for something else, products that have a story behind and are something else than just the typical decorative accessories that can be found in any store.

We want to offer you products that go beyond. Behind the design and manufacture of our products, there are people involved who work every day putting all their experience and enthusiasm in what they do.

Our designs are unique and you will not find them anywhere else. We collaborate with artists to develop these designs, which often become authentic works of art that can be enjoyed every day.

Sustainable decoration

All our products are manufactured under our strict environmental policy. At Fama, we recycle 82% of the waste that it is generated.

Fibre waste is pressed and reused for the filling of stuffed toys. We use the leftovers of foam from our manufacturing process for the packaging of our sofas and armchairs; we recycle both paper and plastic in different containers in all sections of the company; the rests of wood are reused to make fibre boards. We have changed the heating system from diesel to pellet heaters, obtained from our own wood waste, eliminating CO2 emissions.

On the other hand, our charity soft toys are manufactured with fabric leftovers. Some of the materials used to manufacture our slippers are also recycled.

Quality is also a very important issue. Most of the times, we buy the cheapest products in order to save some money in the short term, but these products normally become useless very soon and need to be replaced, which also means that more waste is generated. In other occasions, we buy things that we do not really need and the result is the same.

Would it not be better to consider a little more the purchase decision, and buy those items that are really special for us and that have a longer life?

Homes to live

omes are meant to live and enjoy every day with family, friends or on our own.

Although for some people it is more important than for others, in our opining, the style of decoration has a great impact in the mood and happiness of people. Therefore, when choosing decorative elements we have to decide if we really want beautiful accessories which are not practical either because they are uncomfortable, difficult to clean or because they are dangerous for the little ones.

What is the point of having a beautiful house if we can’t enjoy it?

We collaborate with non-profit associations

With the purchase of our charity soft toys, you are collaborating with AMPY, the Association of People with Intellectual Disability of Yecla.

AMPY is a non-profit association located in Yecla (Murcia), whose users and/or beneficiaries are people with different types of mental disability. "Since 1989, AMPY has been working to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities, offering them the greatest possible support throughout their life".

Its ultimate goal is to seek the integral well-being and happiness of the people they serve and their families, to ensure that the people they work for can have a life as good as possible.

We want to point out that from the 12 Euros cost price of each stuffed toy, 2.1 Euros are destined to pay the VAT and the remaining 9.9 Euros go entirely to this Association. At Fama, we contribute with the total cost of the manufacture of the stuffed toys.

Made in Spain

At HomeByFama, we support the local production. We design and manufacture all our products in Spain, from our factory located in Yecla (Murcia) and through trusted suppliers, all of them "Made in Spain".

We think thatthe most important asset in a company are the people that work on it. For this reason, it is important to take care of all of them and ensure that their working conditions are as good as possible, based on respect, equality, honesty and recognition of their everyday work.

"When buying a product, we cannot only look for a nice and cheap product. It is important to look a bit further and be consistent with our own values, with what is behind the company that produces them and whether their actions correspond with your principles".