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We present HomebyFama,

Our online store sells home decoration accessories created with great enthusiasm and hard work. Our aim is to offer a new concept of unique and high-quality home decoration items.

How did the project start?

Being on the other side (as customers), we found that when looking for decoration accessories, we often did not find the items that we actually wanted or could afford for our home.

There are many online decoration stores, but we usually find the same products in most of them: low-priced items imported from the Far East with similar designs and usually the quality is not very good.

Every time we try to find a more special decoration accessory, the items on offer are mainly “design” products at very expensive prices.

All these reasons led us to create a brand of decoration accessories in order to offer original and unique designs that cannot be found in any other store. In addition, we always support and promote Spanish manufacturing and offer the best value for money.

"HomebyFama is the online store that offers all the decoration accessories from Fama Sofas".

We want to make the online decoration buying process much easier.

At HomebyFama we aim to offer you the best possible experience when buying decoration accessories for your home.

When buying online, the product delivered often does not match what it was expected (either the colours, measurements, fabrics or any other features). In order to avoid these issues, we have tried to show all our products as accurately as possible with plenty of photographs with measurements to give as much information as possible regarding the size, quality and features of the products that you are going to buy.

However, we are aware that most people prefer to see and try the actual product before buying it. Therefore, we wanted to give customers the ease of buying these products from their phone or pc, but at the same time working with our retailers and offer them the possibility of setting up a small display within their furniture stores where the Fama products are exhibited. This way, customers have the opportunity of seeing and trying our products before purchasing them.

Most of them times, we have an idea of what we want, but choosing the whole decoration of a room from scratch can be a very difficult task. With this in mind, we decided to offer you some ideas and inspiration to decorate your home, based in all the experience that we have gained over the years in this sector.